At Anthony Alexandra Associates we are always looking for innovative ways to improve the recruitment experience for our Customers. Do you ever waste valuable time interviewing unsuitable candidates? Are you ever unsure about a candidate based on their CV? Would you like to know more about a candidate before meeting them?

A telephone interview is often an effective way for a company to commence their recruitment process and screen many candidates quickly and cost-effectively, without having to invest the time and effort needed for initial face-to-face interviews.

With our unique service, we can record our telephone interviews with candidates and send them to you through a link or email. The benefits are:

  • Speeds up your recruitment process - Not a substitute for face-to-face interviews – but they are a means of learning more about the candidate before both parties commit the time and expense of an interview

  • Interview more candidates in less time - A number of different people can be reached in a short period of time enabling you to efficiently shortlist applicants for further interviews

  • Choose the questions you want answered - Let us record the answers to handpicked questions relevant to your role

  • Provide a snapshot of the candidates personality - Understand team fit as well as experience

  • Gain more of an insight into candidates telephone manner and ability to answer questions

  • No technology required - Listen from your Smartphone, Tablet or Computer

  • Review telephone recording at your convenience

  • Never miss a moment - Replay, pause and rewind the interview

  • Share with your colleagues - Analyse the telephone interview with your colleagues involved in the recruitment process by simply forwarding the link

  • Enhance your 2nd interview - Follow up on initial answers provided in the 1st telephone recording

  • Transparent service - providing you a clearer idea of candidate fit

The telephone recording service can particularly benefit the recruitment of the following vacancies:

SALES and relationship management

  • Excellent tool to analyse telephone sales skills

  • Find out more about candidates sales achievements

  • Test out sales ability with role plays

  • Listen to examples of candidate’s sales pitches

  • Understand detailed candidate’s sales background including B2B, B2C sales experience

Customer Service

  • Evaluate how candidates present themselves over the phone which you cannot obtain from a CV

  • Analyse customer service skills including telephone manner

  • Candidates can explain how they deal with difficult customers and handle objections

  • Analyse complaint handling skills

  • Listen to role plays to understand process and how candidates work under pressure

  • Understanding additional details and the nature of calls candidates are accustomed to handling


  • Ability to understand and test candidates level of technical / product knowledge

  • Uncover technical knowledge not mentioned on the CV

  • Compile bespoke questions relevant to your vacancy in order to avoid wasting time interviewing unsuitable candidates

  • Further explain how their technical role supports current or previous employer